Your Company on Social Media Platforms.

Positioning your business on social media sites not only complements your tailored marketing strategy, it helps you connect directly with potential customers, share your services and products, read customer testimonials and understand what your customer base is looking for.

The ECSEOs team will create and optimize all of your social profiles; specifically we focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Alignable. We can also work with you to create social profiles on any other platforms that will best suit your business’s needs.

Google Plus Local Optimization & Marketing Services.

If you are a local business, having a presence on Google+ Local is a MUST! We will create your Google Plus local listing and optimize it to rank well and show within a given area of your storefront or home business. We will provide you with a G+ marketing strategy that will work very well for your business.

  • Create and Optimize your G+ Listing
  • Add Company Information
  • Add Custom Images & Videos
  • Add Links to your Website
  • Setup of the Blog Feed
  • Share our G+ Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Services for Your Business.

The ECSEOs Social Media team will create a Facebook Fanpage for your business as part of our tailored online marketing strategy. We believe that having a presence on Facebook is as important as having a Google+ Local Listing. Facebook not only offers an array of useful paid marketing services, it also allows customers to directly communicate with the business, share their experiences, post reviews, or even buy a service or product.

  • Create a Facebook Fanpage
  • Optimize Your Facebook Page
  • Add Company Information
  • Add Custom Images and Videos
  • Setup of the Blog Feed
  • Share our Facebook Marketing Strategy